How To Stay Productive During The Remote Work
Everything around us is changing. Through the development of technology, the workday has been prolonged from 24/7 to 31/7 via different time-saving gadgets. It is possible to get everything at any time you need. Due to such a technological leap, the remote work has started replacing the usual and habitual full-time white-collar job.

The remote work has its pros and cons. On the one hand, teleworking (or remote work) saves your time and enables you to juggle work and family responsibilities. But on the other hand, that juggling sooner or later may encroach upon your home life and your free time. Besides, there is a risk of procrastination which is dangerous for both your health and your business :)

Below are given some tips for better time management during the remote work that can increase productivity.

  1. Find and organize the workplace. An organized workplace reduces work-related stress and saves time.
  2. Arrange your daily routines. Wake up and have your meals every day at the same time. Make breaks to get distracted. Also, it is advisable to do some physical activities.
  3. Establish priorities and build a schedule. To be a good time manager you need to be able to balance your important long-term projects with more urgent assignments. Write to-do lists as well as a not-to-do list — a list of tasks that can lead to productivity reduction.
  4. Overcome the procrastination. Procrastination is the avoidance of doing some important tasks that need to be accomplished by a certain deadline. There are a lot of ways to "defeat" the procrastination. For instance, one of them is setting up the extension for Google Chrome that restricts the amount of time you can spend per day on time-wasting websites, social networks, etc.
  5. Online. Always keep in touch with your CEO, coworkers, managers, etc.
  6. Overloading. Although it seems that you have got much more time for some additional tasks, try to put them off. Overcommitment may lead to overloading and professional burnout.

. Don't waste your time because the time flies. Enjoy the remote work and achieve "the big time".