Senior Full-Stack (Django/React) Developer | Remote
Full-time - Remote
About employer and position:
We are a well-funded product company from Europe with a fully distributed team. Our mission is to make the day to day operations of yacht charter companies better by providing productivity software created for them, and help them improve their customers' experience while at it.

Our product offers mobile self check-in and check-out, schedules and tracks yacht maintenance, handles booking management, and we will launch our crew hiring platform for yacht crew in the industry in 2023. Our customers are fleet operators all around the world. The biggest markets are Croatia, Greece, Italy, Spain and Turkey in the Mediterranean, and the US Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean.

You will be working directly with our CTO, working on our most pressing development needs. We will travel to meet and work together at least twice a year, and we are a young, fun, motivated bunch of people with big dreams and ideas!
  • 6+ years of experience with Python.
  • Expert level in Django.
  • 2+ years of experience with React/TS.
  • Experience with one of the following technologies is not required but is a plus: Cloud DevOps, security, database optimization.
  • You might have experience building real-world business applications, or maybe you are a brilliant framework/library developer
  • Lead software development projects, from design to implementation. You will not do this alone, we always work in teams, especially during design sessions.
  • Contribute to the code base and developer documentation.
  • Training and guiding of other members of the development team.
  • Work with our product managers to build and iterate on our product based on customer feedback.
  • Constantly challenge whether we are on the right track.
Our stack:
All our code (backend, frontend, deployment and dev-environment) lives within a GIT monorepository. This allows us to move fast and keep things consistent. Our development environment is based on Vscode + devcontainers, this gives us 100% reproducible development environments.

  • Frontend: Progressive Web Apps with Typescript + React.

    • Ant Design and Ant Design Mobile for UI components
    • Graphql-code-generator and react-query to consume our backend's graphql API
    • Zustand for client-side state.
    • react-location for client-side routing and url-state
    • vite + turborepo for building apps and packages

  • Backend: Django (python) based monolith.
    • postgresql as the database engine
    • strawberry to define a GraphQL API, with automatic database optimizers to solve N+1 problems
    • firebase as our authentication backend
    • django-multitenant to implement multi-tenancy, opening the possibility of migrating to a sharded database (Citus Data) if required in the long term future.
    • boto3 to interact with AWS s3 buckets
  • Infrastructure: We currently use as a PaaS, where we automatically deploy our static sites, backend services and databases. We have production, staging and pull-request based environments. Besides this:
    • cdk for Terraform to define our AWS infrastructure using Typescript (mainly Cloudfront and S3 for file storage, route53 for DNS).
    • Logtail for logs and monitoring (through alerts and graphana dashboards)
    • Sendgrid as our email service provider
Recruiting process:
1. Introduction call with CEO.
2. Technical interview with CTO.
3. Cultural interview.
  • Full remote job.
  • Competitive salary with regular reviews.
  • A fun, flexible working environment in a highly motivated team.
  • Twice a year company meetup with the whole team.
  • If desired; the costs of working at a coworking space can be covered.
  • 24 days of paid holidays.
  • Zero bureaucracy.
  • The environment of high-level experts.
  • A nimble, relaxed, and dynamic startup environment.
To apply please send your CV to