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Picstar helps find talent, fill a challenging role and build an all star team.
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Picstar is not a recruiting agency, outsourcing company, or freelance platform. It's a network of pre-vetted senior individuals who want to join your tech team on a full-time basis.
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We do sourcing and screening
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We attract talented developers
You will not find those developers on job boards. We source candidates via marketing through professional communities, social networks, blogs, and other channels.
Candidates must pass the screening process
All candidates must pass a 3-step verification process: English level, technical skills, and work experience required to cover the vacancy.
You match with candidates
and hire them
Browse through verified profiles of candidates, chat with them, interview, and hire. Our reply rate is 99%.
Our key directions
Back-end Engineers
Front-end Engineers
Cyber Security Experts
iOS Engineers
Android Engineers
QA Engineers
DevOps/SRE Engineers
Game Developers
Data Scientists
C-Level people
Product/Project Managers
UI/UX Designers
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37% of all Picstar candidates work remotely
with the USA teams
94% of candidates work more than 1.5 years in
companies of our clients.
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