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From sourcing talent to interview scheduling, we find and book great candidates on your calendar within 5 days.
Trusted by dozens of companies
It's Picstar
We source from a pool of 600M+ candidates, utilizing intelligent filtering to craft you a weekly feed of top matches based on your personalized calibration.
97% of all Picstar tech talents work remotely.
89% of our candidates stay with companies for more than 2 years after being hired.
We cover the following roles
Review only a few top candidates each week, all of which have already expressed interest in your team.
Back-end Engineers
Front-end Engineers
Cyber Security Experts
iOS Engineers
Android Engineers
QA Engineers
DevOps/SRE Engineers
Game Developers
Data Scientists
C-Level people
Product/Project Managers
UI/UX Designers
Products our talent helped make
Domains where we excel
These are domains where we've already excelled, leveraging our experience to deliver top-tier recruitment services tailored to your industry.
Live Streaming
Artificial Intelligence
Social Network
Why companies choose us
A talent pool of 600M+ candidates
With Picstar, you gain access to a vast pool of top-notch tech professionals that can't be found by typical recruiters.
No upfront fee for first-time clients
We have unwavering confidence in our capabilities, which is why we don't impose any upfront fees on first-time clients. Try our service risk-free.
3 months guarantee on every hire
We stand behind our candidates. If, for any reason, a hired candidate doesn't meet your expectations, you'll receive a 90-day period for a free replacement.
First candidates within a week
Expect to be pleasantly surprised as you receive your first batch of carefully chosen candidates within the first week of working with us.
Filling vacancies 2 times faster
Our efficient processes lead to most vacancies being filled within just 40 days. That's at least 2 times faster compared to our clients' typical hiring timelines.
Up to 40% economy of payroll budget
With access to our global talent network, our clients can achieve up to a 40% reduction in their payroll expenses.
We help teams grow faster across borders
Frequently Asked Questions
Picstar assists in recruiting both employees and contractors. We also provide legal advice on how best to formalize the employment of various specialists, depending on their country.
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The landscape of work is evolving, and along with it, the array of employee benefits being offered.
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